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  • Carlos Morales in white athletic socks

    Carlos Morales changes style of socks and then shows off his feet

    First in dress socks, then in white athletic socks: which style do you prefer? Today there are no excuses, with Carlos Morales I can satisfy the tastes of each of you with this episode from Foot Friends. Both lovers of black dress socks and those of white sports socks will be thrilled. Carlos Morales wants […] More

  • Reno Gold self licking his feet

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    Reno Gold Trick or Feet

    Twink guy self licking his feet dressed as Spiderman What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a beautiful twink like Reno Gold? We open the door and see this delightful young boy dressed as Spiderman with a basket full of treats ready to go trick-or-treating. Correction, he actually wants to trick or feet. Yes […] More