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  • latin guy Pablo revealing his size 11 feet

    Pablo wearing flip flops: then he shows off his size 11 feet

    Sexy latin dude flaunting his delicious male feet Pablo is a Latino boy, smiling, muscular and very determined to show off his size 11 feet. In fact he wears flip flops: do you know what this means? That he goes around the city showing off his lovely feet practically 24 hours a day. I can […] More

  • czech guys Marco and Vlad fighting and showing their feet

    Czech guys Marco and Vlad fighting and showing their feet

    A warm up training and a hot fighting session, all barefoot and naked It’s been a while since I’ve posted about guys doing nude wrestling, but since this is a great opportunity to see some dudes inevitably show off their feet, here I am today with a new episode from SW Nude. They are Marco […] More

  • muscled guy Tommy showing off his big male feet

    Muscled guy Tommy showing off his big male feet

    Tommy B makes his very first solo video revealing his feet This new guy in the neighborhood, Tommy, has caught everybody’s eye because he’s so sexy. He’s got a great body, a perfect beard and his feet are awesome. I am very proud to introduce this guy here on the blog. Tommy is relaxing on […] More

  • Cillian showing his size 14 feet

    Cillian loves to wear flip flops

    His size 14 feet are the biggest we’ve seen so far Being as tall as he is at 6’5″, Cillian has trouble finding shoes sometimes. These size 14s are his favorite flip-flips. Not only are his feet big, but they are always sweaty Cillian said. Wearing these sandals help keep them dry – and show […] More

  • Kristian shows off his size 13 feet

    Kristian size 13 feet exposed

    Blond guy taking off his flip flops and showing off his big feet Kristian is wearing white flip flops , but only to show off how big his feet are. In fact we are talking about size 13 feet and they are probably the biggest male feet we have seen so far here at […] More

  • Adam Awbride feet exposed when fucking in doctor studio

    Adam Awbride feet are delicious while he get fucked on the examination table

    Adam arrives in flip flops and then shows off his feet all the time Medical patient Adam Awbride seeks the expertise of Dr. Marco Napoli and steps in the studio wearing flip flops that let us see his big feet. The doctor’s student, Cole Church, is assisting Dr. Napoli with current examinations. When Adam displays […] More

  • Isaac Hardy showing his smooth feet soles

    Isaac Hardy in flip flops then barefoot

    Hot guy showing off his size 9 feet I love Isaac Hardy‘s guy-next-door vibe and his scruffy beard. He has a tight body and some amazing size 9 feet. He’s one of those guys you nudge your foot-loving friend about when you see him in public wearing flip-flops. Watch him on the couch as he […] More

  • Kary touching his sexy feet

    Kary wears flip flops and loves to show off his feet

    Cute guy undressing and playing with his sexy feet Kary is the last guy presented by FootFriends: he’s a really nice guy, a bit shy and introverted, but he will surprise us with this very rich photo shoot. He hardly smiles, but he has a quite magnetic look. He’s sitting on the couch for his […] More

  • Maxim Bikhov showing feet in flip flops

    Maxim Bikhov wearing flip flops

    Another hot dude from the William Higgins team: this time we can admire a tall guy (6’3″ tall) and so we can expect very big feet. You’ll see, he won’t let us down with his EU46/US9.3/UK8.7 feet. He’s proud to show off them while sitting on the chair, playing with flip flops before then rubbing […] More