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  • Christian Greco feet tickled by Franco Dax

    Christian Greco tickled hard by Franco Dax

    Hot guy tied up and having his nice feet tortured Christian calmly waits as Franco secures him to his tickling table, then foolishly reveals to Franco his most ticklish spots. After a fun tickle of his Christian’s adorable size 7 1/2 socked feet, Franco unleashes the hardcore tickling on every area of his tickle victim’s […] More

  • Luca tied up and tickled

    Luca R. is back again to have his feet tickled and tortured

    Sexy ticklish dude Luca R. tied up and tickled Here at The Male Feet we’ve met Luca R. before and seen him both getting his feet licked by Dan Edwards and in a feet tickling session. And today it will be Dan Edwards himself who will turn from a skilled foot worshipper into a merciless […] More

  • Flecos Cayden torturing and tickling Jacob Moon feet

    Flecos Cayden torturing Jacob Moon feet

    Jacob is tied to the chair and undergoes a merciless foot torture Flecos is in a kinky mood. With young Jacob’s delicious dick in his mouth he sucks the twink and tastes his precum before moving to the detained twink’s gorgeous feet. The initial tenderness of cleaning them and sucking his toes makes way for […] More

  • Roy Rogers barefoot on tickling bed

    Roy Rogers feet tickled and tortured

    21 year old ticklish guy tied up and tortured from head to toe 21-year-old Roy is incredibly ticklish, but after years of pressure, he finally agreed to let Franco tickle him. Squealing with high-pitched laughter, this geeky boy is ticklish absolutely everywhere. Franco tickle-pleasures Roy on his ribs, stomach and pale, pink size 10 feet […] More

  • Impieral Muscle feet tickled and tortured

    Imperial Muscle feet tickled

    Sexy stud Imperial Muscle tied up and tortured from head to toe I laughed a bit when I first saw this guy named “Imperial Muscle” at MyFriendsFeet, but I have to admit that his body and his feet are pretty amazing. The name isn’t far off because Imperial Muscle is at the pinnacle of fitness […] More

  • Franco Dax tickling feet of Branson

    Branson tied up and tickled until screaming

    Branson’s body is being electrified by the tickling touch on his feet It’s only been three months, but Branson is already back for more hardcore tickling at Tickled Hard. We saw Branson bound on the torture table and being severly tickled from head to toe. You can tell he hasn’t had enough. After cuffing Branson […] More

  • Rikk York tickling male feet of Amone Bane

    Amone Bane strapped in the sling to torture his big feet

    Male foot torture and tickling session Rikk and another kinky guy strapped Amone in the sling because he’s obviously very ticklish and Rikk was feeling wicked. Amone is adorable and he was nervous about being tickled. Rikk didn’t go easy on Amone and had him screaming with laughter until he was out of breath. His […] More

  • muscle stud Marco Pinotti tied up to be tickled

    Marco Pinotti getting his size 13 feet tickled on the table

    Musclebeast tied up and tortured from head to toe Marco Pinotti is indeed a mountain of muscle, but his mighty physique will become defenseless once he is made to lie on the torture bed and bound hand and foot. Once again an electric toothbrush becomes the instrument of torture: Marco is tickled all over his […] More

  • tickling feet of Daddy Texas with electric toothbrush



    Daddy Texas’ tickling audition

    Fresh new guy reveals his size 12 feet for a long tickling session with an electric toothbrush too Daddy Texas is a long cool drink of water with size 12 feet, a Texas drawl and a quick smile. This friendly 6’4″ dude is a transplant from Texas to the state of insanity (Florida). Daddy is […] More

  • Franco Dax tickling feet of Marky

    Marky tickled hard in leather

    Marky pleads for them to stop tickling his sensitive feet and body Incredibly ticklish Marky Sparks is in for it today. Franco Dax enlists two masked leather boys to help him tickle the scruffy muscle boy. Marky howls with laughter as they tickle him with their fingers, brushes, feathers and beards. Blindfolded and restrained, Marky […] More

  • tickling feet of Drew Harper

    Let’s see how ticklish are Drew’s feet

    Drew Harper has really beautiful and sensitive feet Drew Harper has beautiful feet and I couldn’t wait to see how ticklish they are during his first tickling audition. They are very sensitive and he started squirming around immediately. Although he’s not a loud laugher, he’s still pretty vocal. Tickling Drew’s armpits, neck and belly-button brought […] More

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