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  • Seth Scott tied up and tickled

    Seth Scott blindfolded, tied up and tickled

    Tattooed guy tied to the bed and tortured at the feet by Franco Dax This is the second time we’ve had Seth Scott here on TheMaleFeet blog and today the going gets even tougher. Blindfolded and spread-eagle on the bed, Seth can only guess how Franco is going to tickle him this time. Instead of […] More

  • Christian Greco feet tickled by Franco Dax

    Christian Greco tickled hard by Franco Dax

    Hot guy tied up and having his nice feet tortured Christian calmly waits as Franco secures him to his tickling table, then foolishly reveals to Franco his most ticklish spots. After a fun tickle of his Christian’s adorable size 7 1/2 socked feet, Franco unleashes the hardcore tickling on every area of his tickle victim’s […] More

  • Roy Rogers barefoot on tickling bed

    Roy Rogers feet tickled and tortured

    21 year old ticklish guy tied up and tortured from head to toe 21-year-old Roy is incredibly ticklish, but after years of pressure, he finally agreed to let Franco tickle him. Squealing with high-pitched laughter, this geeky boy is ticklish absolutely everywhere. Franco tickle-pleasures Roy on his ribs, stomach and pale, pink size 10 feet […] More

  • Franco Dax tickling feet of Branson

    Branson tied up and tickled until screaming

    Branson’s body is being electrified by the tickling touch on his feet It’s only been three months, but Branson is already back for more hardcore tickling at Tickled Hard. We saw Branson bound on the torture table and being severly tickled from head to toe. You can tell he hasn’t had enough. After cuffing Branson […] More

  • Franco Dax tickling feet of Marky

    Marky tickled hard in leather

    Marky pleads for them to stop tickling his sensitive feet and body Incredibly ticklish Marky Sparks is in for it today. Franco Dax enlists two masked leather boys to help him tickle the scruffy muscle boy. Marky howls with laughter as they tickle him with their fingers, brushes, feathers and beards. Blindfolded and restrained, Marky […] More

  • Taj tickled from head to toe

    Taj tied up and tickled from head to toe

    Huge size 14 feet of latin guy Taj tickled by Franco Dax Chill surfer Taj strips to his briefs and smiles as he lies down on Franco’s tickling table. Since Taj is completely new to Franco, he spends the first few minutes tickling the giant man in a bunch of different spots so he can […] More

  • Donny Blough tied up and tickled

    Donny Blough tied up and tickled

    This hot guy is blindfolded and bound for his tickling session Although Donny isn’t as ticklish on his huge, size 14 feet, he’s super-ticklish everywhere else.  Franco tickles him in his armpits and on his upper ribs, on his inner thighs and belly, before cutting off his underwear and blindfolding him.  He climbs on top […] More

  • Dante tied downn and tickled

    Dante loses control and pees all over himself while being tickled

    After climbing on the table, a very hard tickling session starts Dante considers himself pretty kinky, but he’s never been tied down and tickled like this. He strips to his jockstrap and climbs on the table, where Franco secures him with wrist and ankle cuffs before tickling his inner thighs and socked feet. Dante laughs […] More

  • Franco Dax tickling feet of Jordan

    Jordan is excited to get tickled from head to toe

    This guy is very ticklish! His feet get tickled with an electric toothbrush too Marco’s roommate Jordan is excited to get tickled after hearing about Marco’s session with Franco. He strips off his clothes and lies on the tickling table, submitting himself to the tattooed strongman. Unable to make a sound, Jordan grins from ear-to-ear […] More

  • tickling feet of black guy Robbie

    Black stud Robbie’s feet tickled hard

    Robbie wiggles and laughs as his feet are tortured After going for his morning run, Robbie hops on a train downtown to visit his friend Franco. In no time, Franco cuffs his muscular friend to the chair and starts tickling his feet. Robbie squirms hard, but Franco adds ropes over his shoulders to keep him […] More

  • Buddy bound and tickled hard on his feet

    Buddy bound and tickled from head to toe

    A very ticklish guy receives what he deserves: a long tickling session In a devilish new approach, Franco Dax tapes straight Southern boy Buddy to a chair at his calves and forearms to get him in the position he wants. He tickles Buddy with his fingers and a soap saver before discovering that Buddy goes […] More

  • branson feet tickled by two guys

    A severe tickling for Branson feet

    Branson tied up and tickled hard Branson shows up in TickledHard‘s studio wearing his little hat and with a cocky, bastard grin. Franco Dax and Jason Jones will know exactly what to do to set him straight. As soon as Branson is tied down, Franco starts tickling him. It only takes a minute before Branson […] More

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