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  • Adrian Hart feet exposed during medical examination by Lucca Mazzi

    Adrian Hart feet are awesome when lifted high by Lucca Mazzi

    Both actors show off their feet in Dirty Desert Doctors When Adrian Hart finds out that beefcake daddy Lucca Mazzi is his new doctor, he immediately strips off every piece of clothing and throws his legs in the air for a full-body examination. Dr. Mazzi complies and immediately begins working a finger into Adrian’s ass […] More

  • Austin Avery shows his feet while getting fucked by Shane Cook

    The feet of Shane Cook and Austin Avery are awesome in Inseam

    Shane Cook and Austin Avery fucking bareback in the bathroom As one of the best men in the wedding, Austin Avery works on making sure every inch of his suit fits how he likes. When Austin starts to feel himself in the mirror, he hops in the shower fully suited and starts jacking off: the […] More