Is an episode packed enough with male feet?

Now you can immediately understand if you’ll find plenty of guys feet in a post

You may have noticed that the last few posts have an extra element under the title: a small battery more or less charged. This is a fairly intuitive element that immediately alerts you about the foot featuring in the episode you’re going to discover. Themalefeet has only one goal: to show you gay porn episodes where male feet are made visible, where more and where less. Not all directors focus on the feet of the actors in a set, not all of them consider them an added value in a sex scene. Aside from episodes based solely on male feet, where their exposure is at a maximum, I think it’s only fair that you know from the beginning to what extent you will be able to see male feet in a given episode. That’s why I decided to implement this indicator: it’s one more signal, and just like the charge level of a battery, this tag tells you how packed with male feet an episode is. This does not mean that if a post has a moderate level of exposure of the feet it is not worth watching: there are models who have really beautiful feet but that are not emphasized during the shoot but we can still admire them even if only for a handful of seconds. Let yourself be guided by this new alert to understand to what extent you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of men’s feet in every single post.

What can you expect based on the battery charge level?

I will be short and concise: I am sure that you will get immediately familiar with this new indicator.
Here’s what you can expect based on your battery level: how much will you be able to admire the guys’ feet in a single episode?
A fully charged battery tells you that the actors’ feet are exposed to the maximum. In such an episode, the guys’ feet are framed in virtually every scene. From the moment they undress to when they start jerking off or having sex you will always be able to see their feet and even some close-ups are taken. In this case it’s about as close as you can expect from a set.
An almost fully charged battery indicates to you that male feet visibility is high enough in the set. In this case the guys’ feet are shot from various angles, without too many close-ups.
A half charged battery indicates a shot where the guys’ feet do not play a major role. Here we can catch a glimpse of the guys’ feet at various times, but they are not emphasized as much as they should be.

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