19 year old boy gets a full body massage

rubbing feet of Hector Panagos
rubbing feet of Hector Panagos

Hector Panagos strips naked and lies on the bed to have his nice feet rubbed too

Who wants to massage this 19 year old boy raise your hand! I do believe the line is super long! Hector Panagos is a really nice guy, smiling and smart. This boy is from Prague, is 5’6″ tall and weighs 149.6lb. His feet measure 8.3, not huge, but absolutely proportionate to his height. Maybe better for being massaged for a long time? A nice oil massage is just what Hector is about to receive today. This sporty guy lies on the bed wearing his underwear and indulges in the pleasure of a long massage. The masseur removes his underwear almost immediately, so his hands can glide all over his body. The massage is very erotic and exciting: after spreading the oil all over Hector’s body, there are three points on which the masseur focuses his attention. Hector’s hard cock is jerked and his ass gets special attention: a finger is stuck in his ass as he continues to rub his oil-glowing cock. And then Hector’s feet get a fabulous massage: the soles are rubbed and the masseur’s fingers dug into his delicious flesh.

Hector Panagos stripping naked and massaged
Hector Panagos stripping naked and massaged
fleshy feet of czech guy Hector Panagos receive a massage

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