Jordan is excited to get tickled from head to toe

Franco Dax tickling feet of Jordan
Franco Dax tickling feet of Jordan

This guy is very ticklish! His feet get tickled with an electric toothbrush too

Marco’s roommate Jordan is excited to get tickled after hearing about Marco’s session with Franco. He strips off his clothes and lies on the tickling table, submitting himself to the tattooed strongman. Unable to make a sound, Jordan grins from ear-to-ear and bounces violently as Franco Dax tickles his fuzzy armpits and long, slender feet. Marco even joins in the fun, tickling his friend on his ribs, belly and inner thighs. Franco finds Jordan’s most ticklish spot in his upper ribs, finally causing his ticklee to break out in laughter and lose his breath completely. When his growing erection catches Franco’s eye, Franco goes down on him with Marco right there. Jordan motions for Marco to climb on the table and leans forward to suck his cock while Franco jacks his big dick. He shoots a huge load all over Marco’s ass, then kicks back and lets his roommate cum on his chest and in his mouth. Franco wraps up the session with a post-cum tickle of Jordan’s torso and shows him what it’s like having his feet tickled by an electric toothbrush.

Jordan tied up and tickled by Franco Dax
Jordan tied up and tickled by Franco Dax
Jordan is tied up on the bed to get tickled

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