Black stud Robbie’s feet tickled hard

tickling feet of black guy Robbie
tickling feet of black guy Robbie

Robbie wiggles and laughs as his feet are tortured

After going for his morning run, Robbie hops on a train downtown to visit his friend Franco. In no time, Franco cuffs his muscular friend to the chair and starts tickling his feet. Robbie squirms hard, but Franco adds ropes over his shoulders to keep him in place. He pulls down Robbie’s athletic tights, leaving him exposed while he tickles Robbie’s feet and inner thighs. After tickling Robbie’s soles and toes with a variety of brushes and his new brush mitt, Franco lubes his fingers and slips his hands under Robbie’s shirt to tickle his massive torso. He tickles Robbie deeply in his sensitive armpits and on his masculine stomach and sides. Already breathless with laughter, Robbie flexes every muscle in his body trying to handle the tickling sensations Franco delivers on his powerful thighs and oiled up feet. Franco goes through every tool in his tickle box, giving Robbie the full foot treatment, and the non-stop tickle attack leaves him dripping with sweat and smiling from ear to ear.

tickling feet of black guy Robbie with soap saver
tickling feet of black guy Robbie with soap saver
tickling Robbie feet

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