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  • Luca tied up and tickled

    Luca R. is back again to have his feet tickled and tortured

    Sexy ticklish dude Luca R. tied up and tickled Here at The Male Feet we’ve met Luca R. before and seen him both getting his feet licked by Dan Edwards and in a feet tickling session. And today it will be Dan Edwards himself who will turn from a skilled foot worshipper into a merciless […] More

  • Dan Edwards licking feet of Luca



    Dan Edwards worshiping feet of Luca R

    Smelling, licking and rubbing his feet after a soccer game In between suburban soccer games dad Luca checks out the foot apps to see who is available for some quick foot action. He matches with Dan who happens to be reffing the games, and since Luca lives near the park they rush back to his […] More

  • tickling feet of straight guy Luca with electric toothbrush

    Bounding a straight guy to tickle his feet

    Luca is a very ticklish straight guy Luca is lean with dark eyes and a deep voice. He’s very chill. He’s also very ticklish from head to toe. We’ve seen a lot of straight guys lately who are enjoying the tickling more and more, and that is the case with Luca. He’s ticklish everywhere but […] More